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Urgent care for people with injuries – Community Conversation

Every year emergency departments, GPs and urgent care clinics help thousands of people who have an injury. Injuries can be broken bones, joint pains and sprains, damaged muscles and back pain. For example, Rockingham Hospital emergency department helps about 6,000 patients each year with injuries of which nearly 40% are children. At Rockingham Hospital, a  new way of receiving treatment or ‘treatment pathway’ has been set up to help people with injuries. Patients arrive to the emergency department and are given the opportunity to go directly to the physiotherapy clinic for treatment (rather than waiting in the Emergency Department). The new clinic has been running for 2 years, has helped over 5,700 people and reduces waiting time by over 2 hours.

We would like to hold a ‘community conversation’ to gain a deeper understanding of how people who live in and around Rockingham seek care when they have an injury and to explore their experience of receiving support from doctors and therapists in recovering from the injury. It is hoped that this will highlight new ways that access to care could be improved.

  1. This event is for adults only (18 or over).
  2. Participants must live in the community around Rockingham. Specifically, that means that they would use local health care services when accessing urgent care with an injury. Broadly speaking this is around Rockingham, Kwinana, Serpentine (and hinterlands), Baldivis, to Mandurah and coastal suburbs between Mandurah and Rockingham
  3. Participants need to have experience in the last 2-3 years of seeking urgent care (could be GP, ED, Urgent care) for an injury in the Rockingham area. That is a fracture, joint injury, muscle injury or back pain.
  4. We are also seeking adults (parents, grand-parents and carers) who have taken children (or other people in their care) to seek urgent care for an injury. Please note that over 40% of patients who seek care for an injury are children.
  5. Experience with the Rockingham General Hospital Emergency Department is preferred, but not essential.

A $75 honorarium* is offered to attendees and refreshments will be provided.

(*Honorariums can take 4 weeks+ to process)

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