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Exploring changes to cognitive function and movement with health ageing – Community Conversation

Many of us experience changes in our movement and cognitive function as we get older. Healthy ageing researchers aim to understand what causes these changes to occur in the brain, as well as develop interventions to prevent or slow these changes to happen.

It is essential research is carried out on older adults that we see as healthy, to understand age-related changes in their brain, body and function. This means that programs, interventions, and activities can be developed to improve their quality of life. It is the hope of the researchers that the development of such tools can be used to prevent, or slow down, the changes to movement and cognitive function related to the healthy ageing process.

This will be a group event, including yourself and other healthy older adults. As a group, we will ask you questions about your experiences with healthy ageing and your thoughts around interventions (programs & activities) that might improve movement and cognitive function in older adults. You will be encouraged to share your thoughts in an informal, open conversation setting.

Inclusion criteria

  • 60 years and older
  • Ambulant

Exclusion criteria

  • Currently experiencing a major acute or chronic illness that affects movement and/or cognitive function (e.g., viral infection, break/fracture/strain, concussion, mild cognitive impairment, Parkinson’s disease).

A $75 honorarium is offered to attendees and light refreshments will be provided on the night.


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