Researcher Services

Involving consumers and community members in research ensures people’s lived experiences and perspectives shape decisions about research priorities, policy and practice.

Consumer and Community Involvement occurs when consumers and community members work in partnership with researchers, clinicians, government agencies, policy makers and funding bodies to enhance research and outcomes. Consumer and community members are an integral part of the research process, allowing for greater transparency, openness and accountability and for research which is more relevant to the community.

Our aim is for Consumer and Community Involvement to be standard practice in all health research in Western Australia. As such, our services, resources and training programs have been developed to support consumer and community members being involved at all stages and types of research.

We provide support to the Western Australian Health Translation Network (WAHTN) Partner Organisations. Our Consumer and Community Involvement (CCI) Coordinators work with researchers and provide support about Consumer and Community Involvement including:

  • How to involve consumer and community members in grant applications
  • Advice on budgeting for Consumer and Community Involvement activities
  • Tailored advice on developing consumer and community member involvement strategies
  • Help to identify relevant community members for research projects via our Matching Service
  • Supporting Involvement activities and facilitating events
  • Access to Training Workshops and Masterclasses
  • Discovering community priorities via our Research Priority Mapping Workshop

CCI Coordinators:

Find out who the leadership and support team personnel are for CCIProgram. If your organisation is not listed, please Contact Us if you would like access to our support services.

There are various ways to involve consumer and community members in research. It's important to select the appropriate involvement strategy, as each research project is unique. Visit Types of Community Involvement for a full list of involvement strategies. These strategies can be adapted to suit the needs of your research project where necessary.