Welcome to the Consumer and Community Involvement Program

Formerly known as the Consumer and Community Health Research Network (CCHRN) the Consumer and Community Involvement (CCI) Program works with our universities, health and medical research institutes, health service providers and Non-Government organisations to bring together consumers and people with lived experience and connect them with health and medical researchers.

Visit our Community Involvement in WA COVID-19 Research page for our COVID-19 response.

Your Voice Counts

Our Vision is improving lives by ensuring the community’s voice is heard and understood in health research.

Our Mission is enabling consumer and community involvement in health research by supporting and connecting community with researchers, partners and policy makers.

Our Values:

  • Inclusion
  • Trust, Respect, Support and Value each other and those we work with
  • Working as a Team
  • Continuing to be Relevant and Sustainable so we can work towards making a difference

As we’re all aware the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been circulating in the Australian population. We closely monitor the situation and when required we work on alternative ways that we can continue to involve you in health research, such as holding events, meetings & training workshops online.

In order to demonstrate our responsibility in minimising the spread of COVID-19, the Consumer and Community Involvement Program have taken proactive steps to move to working remotely, when required, in the interests of health and safety of CCI Program staff, consumers, community members and researchers.

Please view Community Involvement in COVID-19 Research for more information.

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