WA Tobacco Legislation Review needs your help

Western Australian’s are being asked to contribute to the latest statutory review of WA’s Tobacco Products Control Act 2006 and the Tobacco Products Control Regulations 2006. While smoking rates are declining in WA, it remains the leading cause of preventable death and illness. Two out of three long-term WA smokers are likely to die from smoking related illnesses.

The consultation, which includes a Discussion Paper and online questionnaire, aims to assess the operation and effectiveness of all provisions in the Act.

This includes State laws which:

  • Prohibit the supply of tobacco products and smoking implements to young people
  • Regulate the sale and promotion of tobacco products
  • Prohibit the sale of products that resemble tobacco products
  • Reduce people’s exposure to tobacco smoke from other smoking tobacco products


If you’d like to contribute then you’re invited to complete an online survey


Submissions will be open for six weeks and close on Friday November 6, 2020.


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