WA 2020/21 Budget to boost health and medical sector

Western Australia’s surplus Budget for 2020/21 is being invested across the health and medical sector, including more than $220 million in additional funding to reduce COVID-19 risk.

The State Health Incident Coordination Centre (SHICC) and the Public Health Emergency Operations Centre (PHEOC) will receive an additional $18.1 million to continue their operations in 2021. These two emergency operation centres provide strategic management in coordination and response to the COVID-19 pandemic and advice to Government to facilitated the State-wide pandemic response. The additional funding will ensure these core activities are continued and make sure the WA health system can continue to monitor the virus, prepare for any potential surge and allow the State to move towards recovery.

Highlights for the health and medical sector from the 2020/21Budget include:

  • $306 million in additional funding towards mental health services
  • $168.6 million funding to general hospital services to meet increasing demand
  • An additional $20.9 million for the continued COVID-19 response
  • $80 million in additional funding for essential health system and community based services

Read the 2020/21 WA Budget Papers.