Mental Health Research Implementation Planning Group – Expressions of Interest

Lived Experience Carer, Family, Significant Other or Kinship Group

Who are we looking for?
The Mental Health Commission (MHC) is seeking Expressions of Interest (EOIs) from people with a Lived Experience as a carer, family member, significant other or kinship group perspective (Family / SO) of mental health challenges or co-occurring mental health challenges and alcohol or other drug use.

There is one (1) position available to join the Mental Health Research Implementation Planning Group.

The successful applicant will:

Have previous experience in research as a Lived Experience Family / SO representative.
Have the ability to apply Lived Experience expertise in a research context.
Have a good understanding of the Western Australian (WA) research sector.
Have an existing network or connections with the WA research sector.
Ideally understand the funding landscape for research in WA.

Research is essential for improving outcomes for people with a Lived Experience of mental health challenges and for the Western Australian (WA) community to flourish, and to attract and support the mental health workforces to deliver contemporary and quality care.

The Co-Designed Roadmap for Mental Health Research (Co-ROAMERS) in WA was developed to inform a WA specific strategy to guide research to address priority areas and populations.

The purpose of the Mental Health Research Implementation Planning Group (Planning Group)
The Terms of Reference for the Planning Group are still in Draft form.

The Mental Health Research Implementation Planning Group (Planning Group) is responsible for creating and overseeing a staged implementation plan for mental health research in WA. The Planning Group will create and oversee an implementation plan that sets out clear steps and stages to achieve the vision of WA as a global centre of excellence in mental health research translation over the life course.

Planning Group membership is made up of the below people:

A Consumer Lived Experience (Peer) representative.
Chief Medical Officer – Mental Health, MHC
Medical Advisor – Mental Health Research, MHC
Research Director – Centre Clinical Interventions, Curtin University
Head – Consumer and Community Involvement Program, WA Health Translation Network
Executive Manager, MHC
Director Office of Medical Research (OMRI), Department of Health (DoH).
Team Lead Special Projects – Medical Research, DoH.

Your role
It is anticipated that the time commitment will initially be between 3-10 hours per month. This includes a one (1) hourly monthly meeting, pre-reading and input into documents produced by the Planning Group. The frequency of meetings may increase to meet various deadlines and demands.
The meeting is held at the MHC, 1 Nash Street, Perth and via MS Teams.

As the family / SO Lived Experience member of the Planning Group you will:

Provide expert analysis and be aware of emerging trends, issues and views of stakeholders in relation Family / SO Lived Experience in research and remain responsive to related matters across the broader sector as they arise.

  • Prepare adequately for meetings, including reading all relevant papers and emails associated with the Planning Group.
  • Participate actively and constructively in meetings.
  • Be solutions focused.
  • Complete any actions and/or out of session work agreed to at Planning Group meetings within the agreed timeframe.

Lived Experience Planning Group members will be remunerated in line with the Commission’s Paid Participation Policy at the Advisor Tier rate of $75 per hour. Click here to access the Paid Participation Policy, see page 12.

In addition to the Planning Group meetings, paid participation will be offered for time taken to prepare for the meetings and for the Lived Experience member to effectively undertake the role. This may include but not limited to reading papers, reviewing papers, providing feedback, briefing and debriefing with MHC staff and/or Lived Experience peers. It is estimated paid participation will amount between 3-10 hours per month to support the flow of work.

For further details, context or queries please contact:

Belinda Brett, Executive Manager, Office of the Chief Medical Officer – Mental Health

This expression of interest will close on 8am, Tuesday, 31 October 2023

You can find the EOI form here