Joint Lived Experience Network: Pre-work Survey

Health Consumers’ Council (HCC) and the Consumer and Community Involvement Program (CCIProgram) are looking at how they can work more closely together. A key first step is to consider how we might bring together a lived experience network of people interested in both health services and health research. By “lived experience” we mean consumer, carer, community or family representatives. We are reaching out to those who are interested in getting involved in health services and research. The survey is designed for people who are on both of our mailing lists (and others as well) – we have a PDF if you want to have a look at the questions first and have a think about your responses.

We are interested in your views on this combined network, and will use the results of this survey to inform our internal planning and discussions with funders and policy makers. We invite you to complete this short survey by 11 November, and to leave your details if you would like to become more involved in this planning process.

Thank you in advance for your contribution,

Pip Brennan, HCC Executive Director and Deb Langridge, CCIP Program Director.