Funding boost for WA Electronic Medical Record System

Planning for a Western Australian Electronic Medical Record System has had a $8.1 million boost as part of the McGowan Government’s WA Recovery Plan.

The system is one of the key recommendations of the Sustainable Health Review (read the Final Report to the Western Australian Government) which prioritises the delivery of patient-centric, high-quality and financially sustainable healthcare across the State.

Using state-of-the-art technology, an Electronic Medical Record System creates a linked digital environment capable of providing rapid access to information. Which is vital to support a patient throughout their health journey in the WA Health system.

Once developed the new system will enable clinicians to view information such as patient notes, assessments, medical histories and diagnostic test results all in one place. This means patients will not have to wait for their medical records to be transferred between clinicians – instead records will be held electronically on the system.

The new Electronic Medical Record System is one of eight recommendations. The full list:

  • Commit and collaborate to address major public health issues
  • Improve mental health outcomes
  • Great beginnings and a dignified end of life
  • Person-centred, equitable, seamless access
  • Drive safety, quality and value through transparency, funding and planning
  • Invest in digital healthcare and use data wisely
  • Culture and workforce to support new models of care
  • Innovate for sustainability