Changing minds about health and medicine

The Institute for Musculoskeletal Health is holding a special online event titled ‘Changing minds about health and medicine’ on Tuesday, 8 December from 12:30- 1:30pm.

Misinformation about health and medicine is everywhere. To add complexity, evidence on health and medicine is always changing. How can the person making choices about their health and healthcare be expected to keep up? For those who care for people with health conditions, or who research ways to improve health, which communication strategies can address misconceptions and help promote evidence-informed decisions? Which communication strategies could backfire?

These questions and more will be asked of panellists Professor Julie Leask (University of Sydney), Mr Liam Mannix (SMH and the Age), Dr Becky Freeman (University of Sydney) and Mr Archie Hamilton, aka Clancy Overell, (Betoota Advocate).

Registration is via Eventbrite: