Call for a Consumer Health Leaders Academy

A new report by the Consumer Health Forum has called for a Consumer Health Leaders Academy to strengthen the role of consumers in health system decision-making.

The Academy would equip consumer advocates and advisers within health consumer networks and who work with governments, government agencies and other organisations where consumer involvement is vital to further develop their skills as leaders.

The Commission’s report recommendations include:

  • Training, resources and support to build consumer leadership capacity and capability
  • Adoption of a Health in All Policies approach and a national wellbeing budget and report card
  • Embed a mental health and wellbeing focus into COVID-19 recovery plans
  • Embed consumer leadership and participation in health system governance and culture
  • Fund a database of evidence-based consumer resources and research
  • Adopt blended funding approaches that incentivise consumer-centred, team-based care
  • Finalise, fund and implement the 10 Year National Primary Care Plan
  • Increase investment in prevention to at least 5 per cent of overall health spending as part of the National Preventive Health Strategy
  • Provide ongoing access to telehealth and ensure virtual healthcare is available to all.

Read the media release here.
Read the report here.