WA Comprehensive Cancer Centre Community Conversation – Summary Report

The Consumer and Community Involvement Program (CCIProgram) was invited to conduct a Community Conversation for Harry Perkins Research Institute as preliminary planning for a new Comprehensive Cancer Centre (WA CCC) in Western Australia. The CCIProgram delivered the workshop in two formats. Firstly, in-person at the E-Zone at the University of Western Australia on October 13th 2021. And the second, in an online form on November 3rd, 2021.

Thirteen consumers and people with lived experience of cancer and/or a carer of someone with cancer attended the in-person workshop, along with Professor Peter Leedman, the WA CCC Lead and Director of the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research (Perkins), his associate Professor Moira Clay, and CCIProgram staff. The online format was a more personalised Conversation, with an attendance of 4 consumers and people with lived experience of cancer and/or a carer of someone with cancer along with CCIProgram staff to facilitate an in-depth exploration of the questions. Both workshops were run using an abridged version of the world café process, with table facilitators staying with their tables/consumers and community members for the entire community conversation. For each event, a brief presentation was given by Prof Peter Leedman on the WA CCC Project to give context to the focus of the Community Conversation.

This Summary Report contains the key ideas and thoughts from those who attended the in-person and online workshops, along with an evaluation report and details of the next steps in the CCC Project.

The CCIProgram enjoyed the opportunity to meet and work with Professor Peter Leedman and his team, connecting and involving remarkable people with cancer lived experience. The CCIProgram looks forward to supporting the involvement of people with lived experience at the different stages of the project design and implementation for such an innovative project that poses a paradigm shift in the delivery of cancer care for the WA community.

Read the report here.