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Youth Mental Health – Research Buddy

About the project and the involvement opportunity
Depression in youth is one of the most prevalent medical conditions worldwide. Most patients, 65–80%, will be treated by general practitioners, who use a trial-and-error approach to medication choice and dose. During this time, patients may have poor symptom control and/or experience harmful side effects from the medication. This project is looking to identify how individuals metabolise different medication, through pharmacogenetics. In doing so, we hope to identify the most beneficial medication and dosage, for each patient, to help minimise unwanted side-effects and maximise treatment outcomes. At this stage of the project, we want to understand young adult’s attitudes towards undergoing pharmacogenetics testing, as part of their depression/anxiety treatment. The results will be used to co-design a Pilot study, to evaluate the incorporation of pharmacogenetics in treatment of depression and/or anxiety in young adults. The results of this project will be used to inform the co-design of a follow up major clinical trial in a large patient cohort.

About the position
We are looking for two community members under the age of 25 with a lived experience of youth mental health (depression and/or anxiety) to consult the research team in designing focus group questions for young adults in considering genetic testing for treatment of depression and/or anxiety.

What am I expected to do?
You will assist in guiding, informing and assisting the research team, in designing focus groups for young adults with depression/anxiety, and whether they would be willing to incorporate genetic testing to guide their treatment.

What skills or experience do I need?
We are looking for young adults under the age of 25, with a lived experience of depression and/or anxiety who have been prescribed antidepressants and/or anxiolytics either currently or in the past.

How long am I expected to be involved?
You will attend 4 meetings per year, for a total of 1 year.

Where will meetings be held?
Meetings will be held at Perron Institute, 8 Verdun Street Nedlands, in the QEII complex.

What support is offered?
$37.50 per hour honorarium. Training and support is offered by the Consumer and Community Involvement Program.

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