Lived Experience Australia: Consumer & Carer Experiences of Psychological Services

Lived Experience Australia (LEA), a leading research and advocacy organisation for mental health services, has undertaken a survey with consumers who have accessed psychology services, and carers of people who have accessed them.

The research aimed to understand psychological service needs of mental health consumers and carers, and provide a collective voice to government and service providers to inform service and policy design.

Consumers were asked about:

  • consumers’ and carers’ satisfaction with care provided by psychologists
  • changes in their health and wellbeing since accessing a psychologist, and
  • potential barriers to access, including referral requirements and costs

The full report ‘Consumer and Carer Experiences of Psychological Services’ is available for download.

You can also access the report brief ‘Consumer and Carer Experiences of Psychological Services’

Here is a snapshot of what they had to say: