Australian Health Biobank Steering Committee

The CSIRO is seeking one (1) consumer advisor to be a member of the Australian Health Biobank Steering Committee.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) (on behalf of the Australian Government Department of Health) will be conducting a national survey of the Australian population.  The Intergenerational Health and Mental Health Study (IHMHS) is comprised of four studies which include a representative sample of up to 60,000 individuals and will generate the most complete picture ever collected of Australia’s physical and mental health.

CSIRO had been engaged by the Department of Health to undertake the role of the Australian Health Biobank Custodian, including procuring the services for the processing of the biospecimens collected for the Biobank; and for the long term storage facility.

The Australian Health Biobank Steering Committee will also have an advisory and supporting role, providing strategic focus and timely advice to support implementation of actions that address the objectives of the Biobank. The Steering Committee is the key governance committee for the Australian Health Biobank and will be supported by the Biobank Science and Technical Advisory and Access Committee (STAAC).

The Steering Committee will comprise a mix of current Biobank stakeholders and external advisors. Members will be appointed for up to two years.

Meetings will be held quarterly for up to 1.5 hours both virtually and one face-to-face meeting.
The draft Terms of Reference will be finalised and available at the first meeting of the Steering Committee.

Sitting fees will be paid for the consumer advisor role on this Steering Committee.

Expressions of Interest
Please send your expression of interest for this role, including responses to the following questions and a copy of your current (short) CV, to Rebecca Edwards by 5pm (AEST) 29 April 2022.

The expression of interest will need to address the following questions:

  1. What makes you want to become a member of the Australian Health Biobank Steering Committee
  2. What experience have you had in scientific and ethical conversations and decision-making?
  3. If nominated, how will you consult with or be accountable to health consumers?
  4. What other experience do you bring to this role?

Closing date for EOIs 29 April 2022 5pm AEST